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Please click on the links below for various factsheets and letters (pdf) which you may find useful.

  • Dealing with Bailiffs - rights of entry, goods exempt from bailiff action, complaints against bailiffs, dealing with bailiffs
  • Buying goods and services - buying goods, private sales, buying a service, shopping from home, using credit to pay
  • Council tax - liability order, making an arrangement to pay, stages of recovery
  • Dealing with debt - suggested actions you can take to deal with debts
  • Financial statement - to list details of your income, expenditure and debts owed
  • Fuel bills - checking bills, energy efficiency, arrangements to pay, disconnection, cold weather payments, winter fuel payments
  • Harassment by creditors - what is harassment?, what can I do if I am being harassed?
  • Hire purchase (or conditional sale) - HP explained, repossession of goods, court hearing
  • Increasing your income - suggestions on how to increase your income
  • Magistrates' Court Fines - methods of enforcement, summons/warrant for arrest, attendance before the magistrates
  • Mortgages and secured loans - contacting your lender, interest paid whilst on benefits, going to court, secured loans, eviction notice
  • Non priority debts - various letters to help you make arrangements to pay your non-priority creditors are available from National Debtline
  • Reducing your expenditure - tips on how to reduce your everyday costs
  • Rent - rent arrears, contacting your landlord, legal action, court order, eviction order
  • Self help debt leaflet - download it here or contact us for a copy
  • TV licence - how to pay
  • Water charges - arrangements to pay, debt collection agencies, legal action 

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